Links and tables

(1) The Ecmnet of Paul Zimmermann
   There are introductions of gmp-ecm and projects which aim to factor various types of numbers .
   The source files of gmp-ecm
   Summary of efforts
   You can find efforts that many people made for the Cunninghmam numbers .

(2) Factor tables of professor Richard Brent of Federation Fellow MSI, ANU, Canberra, ACT 0200, Australia
   Many tables , news , and links about an + / - 1 , a <= 99

(3) Repunit factors of Torbjorn Granlund of Swox
   The top of Swox
   There are the GMP library source code and informations of GMP .

(4) WIFC (World Integer Factorization Center) of Mishima
   There are factorization tools , factorizations of various types of numbers , and their statuses .

(5) Factorizations of near-repdigit numbers of Kamada
   There are also status and informations of "near-repdigit numbers" .

(6) Factorizations of Repunit Numbers of the form (10^n-1)/9
   Ecm efforts beyond Cunningham range are shown .

(7) World's 10 largest factors of repunits ever found by gmp-ecm 4c , 5 and 6

(8) My tables of searching factors of repunit numbers by gmp-ecm